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Hentaiger Body Piercing Jewelry Wholesale & Manufacturer

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Hentaiger Body Piercing Jewelry Wholesale & Manufacturer
United States
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Name:Mr. Gigio Arango [Marketing]
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Phone Number:1(305) 4322546
Address:4763 N.W 72 Ave.
Miami 33166, Florida
United States
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Registration Date:Jul. 18, 2006
Last Updated:Aug. 02, 2006
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Apparel & Fashion category

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Wholesale body jewelry
By hentaiger body jewelry, body piercing jewelry manufacturer & wholesaler
Hentaiger is a company dedicated as manufacturer and supplier of the most complete wholesale body jewelry of high quality, wholesale resellers and distributors of worldwide are welcome.
Wholesale body jewelry manufacturer, usd$ 0.08 cheap body piercing jewelry, we will beat any adversited price, belly button rings with dangle at usd$ 0.35, the best price guaranteed for wholesaler and distributors in body piercing jewelry wholesale.
Our web site offers body jewelry such as belly button rings ( banana) , lip rings ( labret) , tongue rings ( barbell) , eyebrow rings, circular barbell, twister, plug, ball closure ring ( bcr) , nose studs ( nostril) , captive beads, hole expander, septum spikes, tusk, claws, fishtail, ptf, bullets, hexagons, dices, fire balls, spaceball, ufo ball, sunflower, cross bcr & spinner, nipple rings, nipple retainer.
For the delivery you can choose between dhl, fedex, ups with tracking service.

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